Dante and Tucci Funds

Dante Alighieri Society Fund

In 2004, Maria Constant, good friend of the Department, established an endowment to provide financial assistance for the travel or tuition expenses of Italian majors and / or MA candidates in the Italian program of the Department of French and Italian Languages and Literatures.

The endowment was given in honor of Tommaso Sbarra, long-time President of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the Dante Alighieri Society.  Interest generated by the fund supports students who are engaged in research projects in Italy or enrolled in departmentally-approved study programs in Italy.

We invite donors to consider adding to the Dante Alighieri Society Student Resource Fund, which has grown by over 10% since its initial creation

The Nicholas C. Tucci Fund

The Nicholas C. Tucci Fund was established in 1984 for the purpose of funding an annual Tucci Lecture. Over the past 20 years, the Department of French and Italian has honored this generous bequest by hosting some of the most distinguished scholars, writers, filmmakers, and historians working in the field of Italian Studies.

1985 Elissa Weaver, Sister Beatrice Del Sera and the Tuscan Convent Theater Tradition  
1987 Sergio Zatti, The Quest of Orlando  
1988 Aldo Scaglione, Courtiers, Courtliness, and Chivalry in Medieval and Renaissance Life and Letters  
1989 Alfonso Procaccini, Neorealism and Jovine: from Novel to Narrative  
1990 Peter Bondanella, Federico Fellini’s Artistic Origins: Italian Popular Culture and Neorealist Scriptwriting  
1991 Victoria Kirkham, Dante, the Book Glutton, or Food for Thought from Italian Writers  
1992 Albert Mancini, Writing the Self in the Late Renaissance  
1994 Rebecca West, Gianni Celati’s La strada provinciale delle anime  
1995 Eduardo Saccone, Action in the Decameron  
1996 Robert Durling, Christ in Dante’s Hell  
1997 Robert Pinsky, A New Translation of Dante’s Inferno  
1999 Peter Argentine, Documenting Italian-American Lives  
2001 Sante Matteo, Dido’s or Hannibal’s Children? The African Presence in Italy  
2002 Peg Boyers, An Evening with Natalia Ginzburg  
2003 Rudolph Vecoli, To Be or Not to Be…Italian-American  
2005 Lawrence Venuti, Translating Humor: Equivalence, Compensation, Discourse  
2006 Catherine Sama, On Canvas and on the Page: Women Shaping Culture in 18th-Century Venice  
2007 Joseph Farrell, The Performer and the Writer in Italian Theater  
2008 Ellen Nerenberg, Murder, Real and Represented: The 'Caso Cogne' and Contemporary Italian Narrative PDF
2009 Lawrence Rhu, Shakespeare Italianate: Skeptical Crises in Three Plays of Shakespeare  
2010 Theodore J. Cachey, Cartographic Dante  
2012 Joseph Luzzi, Heirs of a Dark Wood: The Principles and Poetics of Dante's Reception PDF
2013 Michael Sherberg, A Chick Takes Flight: Reflections on Carlo Collodi's The Adventures of Pinocchio PDF