Italian Success Stories


Matt Rabatin, recently completed PhD at the University of Texas at Austin

"Attending the Italian Language and Literature MA program at Pitt was the best decision in terms of my academic and professional development. One of the major factors in my decision to attend the University of Pittsburgh was the personal experience that I would have. During my two years at Pitt, I received more personalized attention that enabled me to develop as a scholar and an instructor. Some of my classmates enrolled in MA-PhD programs at larger institutions and then felt like only the top students received attention from professors - while the rest were being “weeded out”. The professors at Pitt helped to foster our research interests, and the environment of the FRIT department was one of mutual collaboration, never cut-throat competition. As a student currently enrolled in an Italian Studies doctoral program, I feel that the MA program prepared me better than any other program would have."

Melissa Demos, recently completed PhD at the University of Texas at Austin

"Completing my MA at the University of Pittsburgh was an excellent decision. I had thought about directly entering a PhD program, but the mere thought of a 6 year program seemed a bit daunting and I wanted to be sure that this was the direction for me. My two years at Pitt increased my desire to continue my studies and pursue my PhD. I could not have asked for a better preparation. There are four key elements, in my opinion, that make the MA program in Italian Language and Literature at University of Pittsburgh a wise choice: the people, the curriculum, the teaching experience, and the city of Pittsburgh. The professor to student ratio at Pitt allows for a very personalized education. The knowledgeable and approachable professors are always willing to offer their assistance, suggestions and expertise in research and scholarship and in eventually helping you to choose the right PhD program to match your interests. I found the camaraderie among the graduate students in both Italian and French to be supportive and a very special part of the graduate studies experience. Bottom line: If Pitt would have offered a PhD in Italian, I most likely would have stayed. Entering a PhD program with an MA already under you belt will open doors for you, and an MA at Pitt will allow you the personalized education you deserve."