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French Program


The French division of the department offers a complete language program which includes elementary, intermediate and advanced language, conversation, advanced composition, phonetics, as well as courses designed to provide graduate students from other departments with reading knowledge of French.

In addition, every year it offers one course per term given entirely in English. A full complement of upper-level courses in literature, film, and culture is also offered each year.

Focus of the Program in French & Francophone Language & Literature

The French major and minors allow students to encounter the literature, film, and culture of the Francophone world through a broad selection of coursework.

Courses, offered both in French and in translation, may focus on a particular author and/or work (for example the films of Jean Renoir), survey a movement (such as Romanticism), examine a literary genre (novel, lyric poetry, theater) or explore specific issues (for example, French identity, Francophone narrative, Women's voices in Medieval literature).

Double majors in French and a second field (such as political science, business, art history or another foreign language) allow students to explore interdisciplinary interests that help to focus and personalize their program of study.

Study Abroad

All majors are also highly encouraged to spend a year or a semester in a Francophone country. The department has recently (since 2004) re-established its long-standing summer program in Nantes, France (in conjunction with IES) with great success.

In just these last few years, dozens of students have taken the opportunity to earn credits toward the major and improve their language skills while experiencing firsthand the life and culture of France.

Financial Support for Study Abroad

The Study Abroad Scholarship Fund, the Nationality Rooms Scholarships, and French and Italian Departmental scholarships support summer study abroad, and students may apply to a number of other sources for financial support.

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