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2016 graduate news


Mert Ertunga sucessfully defended his dissertation, "Negotiating Literary Identity during the Divide between the Philosophes and the Anti-Philosophes (1745-1765)" on Mon, Apr 4 from 2-4pm in CL 1325 | PDF flyer


2015 graduate news


Italian BA/MA alumna Danielle Marsh is the recipient of the 2015 Robert T. Henderson Endowment Fund Award. Danielle earned her MA in August 2014, and completed her TESOL certificate as well.


Congratulations to David Spieser (PhD candidate in French), who has accepted a tenure-track position in French at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington

Congratulations to Andrea Jonsson (PhD French, 2014), who has accepted a tenure-track position in French at Texas Tech University


FRIT graduate students Eufemia Baldassarre and Laurine Ferreira were named *Outstanding Presenters* at the Recent 2015 Dietrich School Grad Expo: Congratulazioni e(t) felicitations!


Paul Wallace, graduate student in French, has been awarded a Mellon doctoral fellowship for AY 2015-2016. Congratulations, Paul!


Paulina Tomkowicz, graduate student in French, has been recognized for her writing by the Film Studies Program. Congratulations, Paulina! | read the announcement


Anne Ganster, ABD in French, has published her first scholarly article, entitled « Le Premier Homme d’Albert Camus: l’individu de l’autofiction et de la Méditerranée » (197-211).


Congratulations! to French graduate students Maeva Mateos and David Spieser, recipients of 2014-2015 Mellon Dissertation Fellowships; Delphine Monserrat, recipient of a 2014-2015 Lawler Fellowship; and Annie Dimitrova (2014-2015) and John Trenton (summer 2014), recipients of FLAS fellowships.


2014 graduate news

The French & Italian Graduate Student Organization presented "Short Fuse," an interdisciplinary graduate conference on Oct 10, 2014, featuring keynote address by Jan Miernowski of the U of Wisconsin-Madison, "The Beauty of Hatred" | call for papers | poster | program front & back


2013 graduate news


Congratulations! to Charles-Louis Morand-Métivier (PhD French, 2013), who has accepted a tenure-track appointment in French at the University of Vermont.

Congratulations! to French graduate students Andrea Jonsson, recipient of a 2013-2014 Mellon Dissertation Fellowship and John Trenton, recipient of a 2013-2014 Global Studies Center FLAS fellowship for the study of Arabic.

Dissertation Defense Normand Raymond defended his dissertation, entitled "Religious Differences: Subjectivity and Alterity in the Chanson de Roland," on Fri, Sept 20 from 11am until 1pm in CL 1325.

Congratulations! to Delphine Monserrat, graduate student in French, who has been awarded a 2013 Elizabeth Baranger Excellence in Teaching Award.

Congratulations! to Italian MA Alumna (2006) Tina Petraglia, who has just completed her dissertation at the University of Wisconsin and taken up her tenure-track position as Assistant Professor of Italian at Gettysburg College.

Fall 2012 graduate honors

Congratulations! to French PhD students Amy Romanowski and Charles-Louis Morand-Métivier, who are the recipients of Mellon Predoctoral Dissertation Fellowships for AY 2012-2013.                                                                  

Congratulations! to Italian MA student Laura Cabrera, recipient of a 2012 Italian Nationality Room Graduate Summer Study Abroad Scholarship, and recipient of an Outstanding Presentation Award for her GradExpo panel.

Dissertation Workshop 2012

The fall 2012 Dissertation Writing Workshop took place on Thurs 1 Nov from 12pm to 2pm in 1218 CL. Presenters were French PhD candidates Andrea Jonsson and Charles-Louis Morand-Métivier  


French & Italian Graduate Student Conference 2012

The Graduate Student Conference "Blood" was held on Fri 19 Oct in 1218 and 1228 CL; keynote speaker Peggy McCracken, U of Michigan presented "Human Blood and Animal Blood" at 4pm in 1228 CL | pdf program | pdf flyer

Graduate professionalization events:

FRIT Teaching Topics Seminars continued in February and March 2012: "Film and Visual Culture" led by David Pettersen and Chloe Hogg was held on Fri Feb 17 in 1218 CL 9-10:30 and "Writing" led by Giuseppina Mecchia and Neil Doshi was held on Fri Mar 23 in 1218 CL 9-10:30am. Open to all departmental faculty, grads, and instructors. Refreshments provided.

FRIT Teaching Topics Seminar in October 2011: "Crafting a Syllabus" led by Amy Romanowski and Andrea Jonsson was held on Fri Oct 27 in 1218 CL 9-10:30am.


Conference Activity:

French PhD student Charles-Louis Morand-Métivier  presented the following papers at recent conferences:

French PhD student David Spieser presented the following papers at recent conferences:

Scholarship News:

French PhD student Eléonore Bertrand was awarded a Lawler Fellowship for the 2011-2012 academic year.

French PhD student Marina Starik has received a Mellon Dissertation Fellowship for 2011-2012.

French PhD student David Spieser is the recipient of a Global Studies FLAS Fellowship for 2011-2012.

French PhD student Katie Moriarty has been awarded an EUCE Dissertation Fellowship for research and conference attendance in Europe relating to her dissertation.


Italian MA student Angelica Benavides was awarded the Italian Nationality Room Scholarship for research in Italy in the summer of 2010.

French graduate students Katie Moriarty and Mert Ertunga were awarded FLAS Fellowships for the 2009-2010 Academic Year.

Katie Moriarty was awarded the 2009 Austrian Nationality Room Scholarship for research in Austria.

In the Shadow of the City:

Banlieue and Periferia

French and Italian Graduate Student Conference, April 2010

April 1-2, 2010

Call for papers

Keynote Speaker: Philip Watts, Associate Professor of French, Columbia University

Related Conference Events:

"Banlieue and Periferia" FILM SCREENINGS Schedule (PDF)

Lamerica presented by Wayne Leavitt, Italian MA student
Thu, Mar 18, 7–9pm L9 Clapp Hall

La Haine presented by Jerry Cartwright, French MA student
Mon, Mar 22, 8:45-10:45pm 332 CL

Comizi D'Amore presented by Scott Bishop, Italian MA student

Thu, Mar 25, 7-9pm L9 Clapp Hall

Banlieue 13 presented by David Spieser-Landes, French PhD candidate
Mon, Mar 29, 8:45-9:45pm 332CL

PhD Defense News:

Grad/ Faculty Seminars

The next Work in Progress seminar will take place on Fri, Mar 27th from 3-5pm in CL 1228.

STEP Seminars


Fellowship-writing workshop with Prof. Todd Reeser

Fri, Jan 23, 2pm 1218CL

Writing a Graduate Level Reseach Paper      

Friday, Septebmer 19, 2-4pm, CL 1218

French and Italian Library Research Orientation

Friday, September 5, 2-4pm, Hillman Library Rm G-20

ABD Workshops

Workshop: Interview Process

Covering both the MLA interview and the campus interview

Recommended readings are Charles Stivale, "The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Interviewer"

and "Best  Feet  Forward"

Friday, November 21, 3-5pm, CL 1218

Workshop: Job Search

How to read the MLA job list and how to decide which jobs to apply for; the importance  of  deadlines; the preparation of a cover letter and a  curriculum vitae

Wednesday, October 1, 3-5pm, CL G27   




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