Compassion in the Health Humanities: Hervé Guibert’s Compassion Protocol as case study

March 31, 2021 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

“Compassion in the Health Humanities: Hervé Guibert’s Compassion Protocol as case study”

Online discussion with Prof. Juliette Ferry-Danini (Please visit her personal website here.)

Contact Prof. Kaliane Ung ( for the Zoom link.

Join us for an online discussion on empathy and compassion in the medical humanities. 

Prof. Juliette Ferry-Danini (University of Toronto) is a philosopher of medicine interested in conceptual, epistemological and ethical questions. By contrasting different contemporary humanistic approaches in the philosophy of medicine (narrative medicine, phenomenology of medicine), her talk will propose a definition of “humanism” in medicine. We will focus on French author Hervé Guibert's novel Compassion Protocol (1991) as a case study to assess empathy and compassion in healthcare.

Sponsored by the Dept. of French and Italian and the Center for Bioethics.

Please find the interactive event flyer in pdf form here. 

COMPASSION IN THE HEALTH HUMANITIES: HERVÉ GUIBERT’S COMPASSION PROTOCOL AS CASE STUDY event details in blue and white text with a lavender background