Eziliphonics: Afro-sonic Feminism in Haitian Women’s Fiction

April 12, 2022 - 3:30pm

Dr. Joseph-Masséna's project Voicing Vodou: Haitian Women Writers and the Goddess Ezili highlights a previously unidentified literary genre created by three Haitian women writers. The book centers Haitian women writers as theorists by demonstrating how they effectively rehabilitate vodou culture through their textualization of the feminine deity Ezili, while also centering voice and sound, not vision, as a critical category of the vodou imaginary.
About the Speaker
Dr . Cae Joseph-Masséna is an Assistant Professor of Comparative, Cultural and Francophone studies in the department of Modern Literature & Languages at the University of Miami. A trained Jazz vocalist and Berklee College of Music alumna, her research focuses more broadly on the entanglement of voice, music, ritual and sound in Black women's literary texts.
Please contact Dr. Kaliane Ung (khu3@pitt.edu) for the Zoom link and reading materials.
Sponsored by the Department of French and Italian and the European Studies Center.