Passages | Cinema and television in Europe and beyond: a history of censorship and manipulation through translation

March 27, 2019 - 4:30pm

Lecture by Elena Di Giovanni, University of Macerata, Italy, Professor English Translation and Pitt Italian Distinguished Fulbright Lecturer

Adaptation, condensation, revoicing: these are some of the words commonly used across the world in relation to audiovisual translation. All of these words point to varying degrees of manipulation of a source text that, subject to space and time constraints, is conveyed in a different language and for a different audience.
Yet, translation can be more or less manipulative, and positively or negatively so.
Over the centuries, cinema and television have found their way into international viewers’ hearts through translation, and manipulation has often served the purpose of political, ideological, socio-cultural censorship.

This lecture reflects on the notions of manipulation and censorship in audiovisual translation and offers a host of examples from yesterday and today.


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