Research Networks

Film and Media

Words, sounds, and images move today at unprecedented speed through the world and into the everyday texture of our lives. When studying cultural production, it is essential to understand that the different material objects and technologies around us shape what we see and how we perceive and create the world. Read more

Gender and Sexuality

At least since the invention of troubadour love in the middle ages, the French and Italians have had much to say about women, feminism, masculinity, transgender, and sexuality. Graduate students interested in gender and sexuality will find an extremely vibrant intellectual home in FRIT. Read more


Popularized in the context of globalization studies,"nation/transnation" broadly indicates cross-border relationships between individuals, groups, and institutions in “global” spaces, calling into question the norms of state-based social/cultural frameworks. Read more 


Through its alliance with postcolonial and global studies, "environment" focuses the critiques of political power, capital, and development on the ecological consequences of these global forces. This critical perspective has occasioned a wide reappraisal of the periodization and national focus that has dominated the study of literature and culture. Read more