New Graduate Seminar: The Global South and Climate Fiction

The Global South and Climate Fiction

FR 2765, Fall 2021

Thursdays 2:30-5pm

Taught by Dr. John Walsh (

How do writers and artists from the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia imagine climate change and itsimpact on human and non-human environments? How do their works interrogate colonial andimperial histories of climate, at the same time they compel a rethinking of normativeassumptions of environmental justice, human rights, mobility, infrastructure, and sovereignty?This seminar explores how climate fiction from the Global South differs from that in NorthAmerica and Western Europe. We will examine the ways in which postcolonial writers andfilmmakers depict unfolding stories of less visible violence that diverge from the morespectacular, apocalyptic future envisioned in the Global North. By privileging a globalapproach and considering a range of genres related to climate fiction, including sciencefiction, dystopic and speculative fiction, we will study how climate is intertwined with questionsof urbanization, development and trade, migration, racism, and inequality.

The course will be conducted in English or French, depending on enrollments.

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