Take "Intro to French-speaking Canada"!

Fort Duquesne, (North) Versailles, Erie, Dubois... Why are so many place names in western Pennsylvania French?  Why do so many of the Pittsburgh Penguins speak French? What is Poutine and why is it important in Canada?  How can a revolution be "quiet"?  Does Justin Trudeau speak better English or better French ?  Find out in a new course now open to all:  FRENCH 0014 INTRODUCTION TO FRENCH-SPEAKING CANADA !  Our course, taught in English, will trace the history, linguistic and cultural influences of the French in Canada, broadly defined....which thus includes Pittsburgh, once a part of Quebec province !  FRENCH 0014 counts for the French major, minor and the geographic region GER.  
This course is an introduction to French-speaking Canada as a linguistic and cultural geopolitical entity. While principal focus will be on Quebec , we will also examine French-speaking areas contiguous with Quebec and various isolates and extensions of this sociocultural area. We will begin chronologically with a historical presentation of the province's history as part of various geopolitical entities, and then focus on more contemporary Quebec, the bid for independence and the quiet restlessness of a "distinct society" concerned with its survival.
MWF 9am. Gen ed: Geographic Region. No pre-req, open to any student. Taught entirely in English [no French required]. Taught by award-winning Prof. Brett Wells.