UTA/URA opportunities for FRIT undergraduates

FRIT faculty are currently inviting undergraduates interested in doing research or teaching under the mentorship of a faculty member in the following areas for spring term 2021 [and beyond]:

Prof. Lina Insana (insana@pitt.edu) is organizing a team of Undergraduate Research Assistants (Spring 2021) to conduct research on the origins of the Columbus statue in Pittsburgh in archival holdings at the ULS, and in Italian- and English-language newspapers from 1909 until 1950. Students may register for either 1 or 2 cr., depending on their preferred weekly time commitment. The team’s work will culminate in a collaboration with the Heinz History Center on its upcoming American Democracy exhibit, to produce educational materials interpreting the statue, its relationship to early immigrants, and to Italian American identity.

Prof. Kaliane Ung (khu3@pitt.edu) is seeking Undergraduate Teaching Assistants for two courses: FR0221: Reading French: Literature, Media, Culture (Fall 2021) and FR1023: Theatre Workshop in French (Spring 2022). Both classes are taught in French. Eligible students must be French majors (or minors) who have previously taken the course and earned an A or A- grade. Responsibilities will include attending all sessions, leading small-group discussions/activities and coordinating homework assignments/work toward the final performance. Both opportunities constitute good preparation for the TAPIF.

Brett Wells (wellsb@pitt.edu) is seeking a UTA for his course this coming spring: FR 1031 : le phonétisme du français.  Applicants for this UTA position must be French or linguistics majors who have already taken the course and earned a grade of A- or A.  Responsibilities include attending all class sessions, leading and coordinating group work and the creation of some original problem sets. 


Interested students are invited to contact the instructors directly.