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Don Joseph

  • Graduate Student - French

Don’s research focuses on (im)migration in 21st century literature and bande dessinée. His dissertation is titled: “Queering Migration: Fragmented (Post)colonial Subjectivities in 21st Century Middle Eastern and Maghrebi Literature & Graphic Novels,” which argues that since the decolonial period, Arab and North African individuals must continue to negotiate multiple subjectivities in order to exist in (post)colonial societies. Don’s dissertation provides an original approach to (im)migration by insisting on an assemblage model that considers gender, sexuality, race, religion, language and citizenship as he explains how migration can be queered while simultaneously queering subjects. Don’s research is interdisciplinary, linking Mediterranean Studies, Middle Eastern and North African Studies, Queer Theory, Masculinities, Critical Race Theory and Migration Studies.

Don earned a Master of Arts in French from the University of Pittsburgh (2019) and has a BA in French and Neuropsychology from the University of North Texas (2017).

Don was on exchange at the Université Paris X Nanterre as  a lecteur d’anglais during the AY 2019-2020 in Paris, France.