Matthew Blair

Matthew Blair is a third-year doctoral student in the French PhD program with MA en route. Broadly speaking, his work considers representations of gender and feeling-discourses in late-medieval and 16th century French literature. His interests put Medieval & Renaissance studies into dialogue with critical theories of gender, affect, emotions, and the formation of identities. 

He received his BA in French and History from the University of Tennessee in 2016. His honors thesis, written under the supervision of Anne-Hélène Miller, PhD, is entitled “Identité, genre, et proto-nationalisme chez Christine de Pizan et Alain Chartier.” He received his MA in French Literature from Pitt in 2018, and his thesis is entitled “Les relations (a)symétriques chez Labé : des déconnexions affectives et leur réécriture.” 

Matthew is currently working at the Université Paris Nanterre as a lecteur d’anglais for the AY2018 while preparing his PhD comprehensive exams.