Study Abroad French Checklist

This checklist is for all students who plan to study abroad in a Francophone country and will seek credit from our Department upon their return. You should print and save this checklist for use before, during, and after study abroad. Items on this list pertain to program selection and course credit in French—for other information, consult the Office of Study Abroad.

Pre-Study Abroad

  • Attend an Essentials Meeting at Office of Study Abroad, 827 William Pitt Union
  • Determine what type of program you want—reflect and write down:
    • Why you are going abroad
    • How long you want to study abroad
    • What country or countries you are interested in
    • What type of city you want to study in
    • What features you want / do not want in that city
  • If total linguistic immersion is your objective or if you prefer to mix with other American students
  • What types of academic courses you want to take
  • What specific academic credits you hope to obtain (consult the Major / Minor checklist in French)
  • What type of housing you want (homestay, dormitory, shared apartment, individual apartment)
  • How you and your parents will fund your study abroad and what can you reasonably afford
  • What semester(s) you hope to study abroad
  • Take this detailed list of personal criteria to the Office of Study Abroad and try to match your interests and objectives to specific programs (you can take booklets for the various programs that interest you)–pay close attention to program prerequisites, costs, and academic coursework offered (WARNING: Without the list, the choices become overwhelming FAST!)
  • Make an appointment with Heather Allen the Study Abroad Advisor by email or by phone at 412-624-6223
  • Bring your list of Personal Criteria and the program booklets you have collected to your advising session
  • Select a program after reflecting on which one(s) best fit your academic, linguistic, cultural, and financial objectives
  • Apply to the program of your choice
  • Make a second appointment with Heather Allen, Study Abroad Advisor to discuss course selection
  • Bring the Study Abroad Contract to your appointment and sign the contract together

During Study Abroad

  • Contact Heather Allen by e-mail after you have taken your placement test with your course list–if your course placement differs from the courses you planned to register for, this is especially important
  • For all coursework for which you plan to seek course credit in French, keep meticulous records, e.g., save all syllabi, class notes, tests, papers, teachers' comments on your work, etc.
  • Be sure to get a transcript of your academic work before you leave your study abroad program

After Study Abroad

  • Organize all coursework and syllabi neatly & chronologically for each course
  • Drop off your coursework, program transcript, and  personal contact information to Heather Allen  (for verification before receiving Pitt academic credit)
  • Pick up your coursework from Heather Allen (she will send you an email verifying your credit and letting you know that your notebooks are ready to pick up)
  • Verify your credit appears on your transcript (this process takes a few months)