Study Abroad French


Students are strongly encouraged to add an international dimension to their undergraduate education through studying abroad.

By participating in an approved study abroad program, students can earn credits toward their major as well as CAS credits. Please consult with French program faculty for guidance in choosing a suitable program and for information on study abroad scholarships and financial aid.

Planning and Application

Students are encouraged to study abroad during their junior year, though another moment may be more suitable for certain students. We encourage students to investigate different options including summer, semester, and full-year study periods, in consultation with the following application timelines:

Whole year March November of previous year
Fall term April December of previous year
Spring term October July of previous year

Transferring study abroad credits to the French major

We strongly encourage students to enroll in rigorous and challenging programs whose courses will count toward the French major. Not all programs offer courses that are suitable for the University of Pittsburgh French major. Please see one of the French major advisors for information about appropriate programs.

Pitt in France, Nantes

The Department of French and Italian and the Office of Study Abroad offer a six-week summer study abroad program in Nantes, France. This program is led by French program faculty, and run jointly with the Institute for the International Education of Students (IES).

Pitt in France, Paris

The Department of French and Italian and the Office of Study Abroad are excited to announce a new program in Paris launched for the first time in 2016 focusing on professional skills.  This six-week program offers two courses. The first is an introduction to SLA (second-language acquisition) and the teaching of English in France. The second is a course in technical translation. The program is led by French program faculty and run with CEA Abroad. 

Other Recommended Programs

On the basis of our students’ experience, we can suggest the following from the numerous study abroad programs available:

  • Université Laval: Quebec City, Canada. This program offers two total immersion five-week summer sessions concentrating mainly on the development of language skills. One and two semester programs during the Fall and Spring terms are also available.
  • École Internationale de Français: Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières: This program offers five- and six-week summer programs in a full immersion setting.   
  • Institute for the International Education of Students (IES): This program offers summer, semester or full-year options.
  • Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Sciences Po): Paris, France. This is a full-year exchange program. Students pay University of Pittsburgh tuition to attend one of Europe’s most prestigious universities. Fields of study include: political science, economics, history, European society and the liberal arts. For more information, please contact Stephen Lund of ESC: