Study Abroad Italian


The Italian program, aware of the importance of international study and experience, aims to assist its students in taking advantage of the growing opportunities for academic travel to Italy.

Our primary goal in this regard is to aid students of Italian in making educated decisions about Study Abroad programs and institutions, the coursework and opportunities they offer, and ultimately, the kind of Study Abroad experience they would like to have.

As a means to this end, we encourage Italian majors and minors interested in studying in Italy to use all the research tools at their disposal: the Internet, peer information sessions and feedback of all kinds, catalogues and brochures, and most of all, consultation with the Study Abroad Advisors.

We also recommend that you visit the University of Pittsburgh Study Abroad Office for more resources and information.

Planning and Application

Students are encouraged to study abroad after having taken at least two semesters of Italian. We encourage students to investigate different options including summer, semester, and full-year study periods. Typically, programs operate according to the following application timelines:

Whole year March November of previous year
Fall term April December of previous year
Spring term October July of previous year

Please see the Study Abroad Guide and our FAQ page for further information.

Transferring Study Abroad Credits to the Italian Major

We strongly encourage students to enroll in rigorous and challenging programs whose courses will count toward the Italian major. Not all programs offer coursework that is appropriate for all students at all levels. Please see the Italian program study abroad advisor for guidance in selecting the right program for your particular language and curricular needs.

Panther Programs in Italy

The Department of French & Italian now offers a range of Panther (or "Pitt-Developed") Programs in Italy. Created by the Pitt Italian faculty and offering courses equivalent to those offered on the Oakland campus, these summer- (Rome and Genoa) and semester-long (Florence) programs allow students the quality, value, and continuity of Pitt coursework and the experience of three vibrant Italian cities. The Italian faculty has designed these programs--as a whole--to accommodate students of all levels, from absolute beginners to fourth-year majors.

Representative Study Abroad Programs

The following programs are merely representative of the various geographical options, providers, institutional models, and curricular levels available to students interested in study abroad in Italy. Please consult their websites to get a sense of course availability and rigor at your language level.




*Please note the university policy regarding direct enrollment, effective 9/07.

For Steeler Fans Studying in Rome

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