Italian Major Advising

Students intending to pursue the major in Italian language and literature are encouraged to begin their study of the Italian language and to declare the major as early as possible in their Pitt career.

Because of the highly sequential nature of any language curriculum, we feel that close contact with our majors and potential majors is vital to efficient planning and meaningful advising, from coursework to internships, from study abroad to career planning.

Declaring a major

Students may declare the Italian major in the Arts and Sciences Advising Center, located on the second floor of Thackeray Hall. Students wishing to discuss the major requirements in the context of General Education requirements and the demands of other fields of study are encouraged to contact the Italian Advisor, Prof. Francesca Savoia at or at 412-624-6265.

Advising and registration

Once they have officially declared, Italian majors may meet with Prof. Insana twice per semester for individual appointments. The first of these should occur in the first month of the term, for advising and long-term planning (discussion of current coursework, review of major, minor and General Education requirements, preparation for next term). The second appointment occurs once registration has officially begun. At this time, the Italian major advisor will review the schedule and process the registration. Once the initial schedule for a given term has been finalized, any changes (add/drop) should be made directly by the student in the Registrar's Office (G-1 Thackeray Hall).

Declared Italian majors should look for a registration sign-up sheet outside of the Italian major advisor's office (1328 C CL) the week before registration begins. Students should come to their registration appointment prepared with a complete schedule (course numbers, class numbers, times, recitations, etc.), and alternate course selections in case of conflicting or full classes. Students should also print out a current Student Advisement Report from PeopleSoft and bring it to the appointment.