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20th & 21st Century French and Francophone Studies International Colloquium

39th Annual 20th and 21st Century
French and Francophone Studies International Colloquium
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
March 24 – 26, 2022


Contemporary French & Francophone Studies/SITES

In the spirit of continued collaboration, Contemporary French & Francophone Studies/SITES invites all participants presenting papers at the International Colloquium in 20th and 21st-Century French and Francophone Studies to submit their papers. Authors of accepted essays must become subscribers to a full volume of CF&FS. They will receive 2 colloquium issues + 3 additional issues at a 60% discount (see details below***).

Média / Mediums
Volume 27.3 and 27.4
Roger Célestin, Eliane DalMolin, Editors
John Walsh and Giuseppina Mecchia, Guest Co-Editors

La déclaration prémonitoire de Marshall McLuhan - “le médium constitue le message même” – fête ses soixante ans. L’ère dans laquelle nous vivons est rythmée par des flux incessants de textes, d’images, de sons, transmis et consommés via un éventail de plateformes. Ces nouveaux médias créent des réseaux, connectent des communautés, mais les polarisent également en manipulant et en déformant les discours. Comment des formes “traditionnelles” de production culturelle (littérature, art, film) représentent-elles l’essor des réseaux sociaux et des nouvelles technologies? Comment les différents médias (le livre papier, les œuvres visuelles, numériques et audiovisuelles) influencent-ils les débats autour de la race, le genre, la sexualité, la migration, la nationalité et l’environnement?

Almost sixty years have passed since Marshall McLuhan coined the prescient phrase, “the medium is the message.” The current era is characterized by incessant flows of multimodal texts, images, and sounds, transmitted and consumed across an array of platforms. These new media create networks, bringing people together, but they also polarize communities by manipulating and distorting discourse. How do more traditional forms of cultural production, such as literature, art, and film, depict the rise of social media and digital technologies? How do different media (print, visual, digital, and sound) inform critical debates on race, gender, sexuality, migration, nationality, and environment?

*Deadline for proposals (interviews, essays, photos, fiction, and poetry): September 2, 2022. Deadline for completed texts of accepted articles: December 2, 2022. Articles must be formatted and submitted in conformity with the standard instructions to contributors to CF&FS Sites: MLA style. Authors are responsible for any copyrights related to their article/illustrations. No illustrations can be printed without copyrights. Length of final essay for this issue must not exceed 3500 words (about 10 journal pages). The volume will also be available online. Inquiries, proposals and completed texts should be emailed to:

In your email, please specify the subject: Média / Mediums.


*** Special offer for colloquium participants: Subscribe to CF&FS (SITES) at a special individual subscription rate of £30/€35/US$50 compared to£99/€125/US$158. Cut and send this tab with your payment to: Routledge Customer Services, Taylor & Francis Group, 325 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA, 19106, USA. Fax 215-625-2940. Alternatively, email: or call +44 (0) 20 7017 5543.