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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

One of most valuable and unique features of a university such as Pitt is its exciting research environment. Students here have easy access to and involvement in faculty research, both as a mode of apprenticeship and understanding about the discipline of literary, linguistic, and  cultural studies, and (in later stages) as a mode of independent exploration and learning. You will find listed here resources to help you formalize this invaluable exposure to faculty research, obtain university credit and, in many cases, secure financial support. For more personalized and detailed information about shaping your own undergraduate research plan, contact the undergraduate advisors in French or Italian.

Please contact for further information on any of the following opportunities.

First-year students

Opportunity Type Funding

First Experiences in Research

credit-bearing introduction to research in the disciplines


Upperclass Students / French and Italian Majors

Opportunity Type Funding

University Honors College Fall/Spring Brackenridge Fellowship

Credit-bearing (1 cr.)

Yes; $800 stipend

University Honors College Chancellors Undergraduate Research Fellowships


Yes; $800 stipend

University Honors College Community-Based Research Fellowships


Yes; $800 stipend

European Studies Center Scholarship Opportunities

Credit-bearing (1, 2, 3 cr.)

Yes, to support project expenses

University Honors College Summer Brackenridge Fellowship


Yes; $3500 stipend

Dietrich School Summer Undergraduate Research Awards


Yes; $3500 stipend

ITAL 1909 Undergraduate Research Assistantship in French/Italian

Credit-bearing Research Assistantship


Research Abroad

Opportunity Type Funding

University Center for International Studies International Studies Fund


Yes, up to $1000

University Honors College Summer Research Abroad/ University Honors College Off-Campus Research Awards


Yes, consult French & Italian major advisors for more information


Opportunity Type Funding

FR/ITAL 1902


funding may be pursued through any of the venues listed above