Faculty-Graduate Student Seminars

The Faculty-Graduate Student Seminar in the Department of French and Italian was founded in 1977 as a forum for the public exchange of research and ideas.

The seminar provides FRIT faculty and graduate students the opportunity to present their latest findings to members of the department and to the community at large, to discuss their findings and to answer questions about their work. The colloquium is now organized by graduate students in the department and is held at least once a year.

Recent seminar topics and flyers:

1 Dec 2017 (PDF) Prof. John Walsh, Jonathan Devine, Emmanuel Robert

18 Nov 2016 (PDF) Jennifer Boum-Make, Prof. Lina Insana

25 Nov 2016 Tylar Colleluori, Eufemia Baldassarre, Prof. Neil Doshi

4 Dec 2015 (PDF) Annie Dimitrova, Brendan Ezvan, Prof. Francesca Savoia

27 Feb 2015 (PDF) Mert Ertunga, Paul Wallace, Prof. Chloé Hogg

28 Feb 2014 PDF) Anne Ganster, Paulina Tomkowicz, Prof. Todd Reeser

6 Dec 2013 (PDF) John Trenton, Sylvia Grove, Prof. John Walsh

27 Var 2009 (PDF) Katie Moriarty, Scott Bishop, Prof. Brett Wells

28 Mar 2008 (PDF)  Eléonore Bertrand, Charles-Louis Morand-Métivier, Prof. Roberta Hatcher 

2 Mar 2007 (PDF) Alison Halasz, Prof. Francesca Savoia

1 Dec 2006 (PDF) Gabriella Baika, Prof. Lina Insana

21 Apr 2006 (PDF) Rob Fagley, Nacer Khelouz

​3 Dec 2004 (PDF) Cary Campbell, Prof. Giuseppina Mecchia

26 Mar 2004 (PDF) Aparna Nayak-Guercio, Prof. Robert Hatcher

21 Nov 2003 (PDF) Prof. Daniel Russell, Robert Fagley

22 Mar 2002 (PDF) Cary Campbell, Prof. Yves Citton, Stefano Muneroni, Prof. Francesca Savoia

7 Dec 2001 (PDF) Jamie Tarpley, Prof. Dennis Looney

28 Mar 2001 (PDF) Sandrine Arons, Janet Coccaro, Prof. Yves Citton

10 Nov 2010 (PDF) Elisabeth Donato, Noémie Parrat, Prof. Daniel Russell

16 Oct 1998 (PDF) Prof. Phil Watts, Aparna Nayak, Pamela Pears