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French Degrees

PhD or PhD with MA en route in French

This five-year program is intended for students who wish to pursue the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in French. Those who already already hold an M.A. in French or in a closely-related discipline begin at the PhD level and must complete eight graduate seminars in French beyond the M.A. level. Thowe who do not already hold an M.A. in French or in a closely-related discipline  must first successfully complete the requirements for the M.A. in French, normally within their first two years of full-time enrollment. Students doing the Ph.D. with the M.A. en route will be awarded an M.A. degree at the completion of these requirements. After this phase, students complete their remaining Ph.D. coursework, take their Ph.D. comprehensive exam, and research and write a doctoral dissertation on an aspect of French or Francophone literatures, media, and cultures. The dissertation could take the form of a proto-monograph, a series of journal articles, or journal articles paired with teaching-focused research, public humanities projects such as podcasts or curated festivals and exhibitions, or digital humanities projects such as the creation of online archives.

PhD in Film and Media Studies with a Concentration in French

This interdepartmental Ph.D. degree combines rigorous training in French language, literatures, and cultures with a firm grounding in the history, aesthetics, and theories of film and media. Students benefit from the opportunity to work closely with both faculty in French and distinguished members of the Film and Media Studies Program. Students also receive pedagogical training and teaching opportunities in both French and Film and Media. At a time when French departments around the world increasingly seek colleagues with expertise in both French Studies and Film and Media Studies, the graduates from this degree program are uniquely trained in both disciplines.


It is possible to do a stand-alone MA in French, though we only offer funding to those enrolled in the PhD programs.