Join French Club!

The French Club meets every other Wednesday at 8:30pm in 231 David Lawrence Hall, and we host conversations hours on Mondays at 6pm and Thursdays at 5pm in the Global Hub at Posvar. All levels are... View »

Italian Faculty and Training Modules for Text-based Language Teaching Project

Italian Faculty members Chiara Montera and Cinzia Delfini have been invited by Dr. Alberta Gatti (The Graduate Center, CUNY) to co-direct the Training Modules for Text-based Language Teaching... View »

Practice your French or Italian at our conversation groups this fall

Please join us to chat in French or Italian at our conversations clubs, open to any interested party!

Italian: Tavola Italiana,... View »

New Faculty Publication: Queer Cinema in Contemporary France

Congrats to Professor of French and Department Chair Todd Reeser on the publication of his new book, which treats queer film in five French directors: Jacques Martineau, Olivier Ducastel, Alain... View »

New Faculty Publication: A Sudden Frenzy: Improvisation, Orality, and Power in Renaissance Italy

... View »

Take "Intro to French-speaking Canada"!
Fort Duquesne, (North) Versailles, Erie, Dubois... Why are so many place names in western Pennsylvania French?  Why do so many of the Pittsburgh Penguins speak French? What is Poutine ... View »
2022 Golden Lotus Award recipient: Keira Wood

We are delighted to announce this year’s Golden Lotus Award recipient, Keira Wood.

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New Course: FR0075 Global Fictions of Climate Change

As the planet gets hotter, a new genre has emerged to inspire action: climate fiction. In this course, students will read stories and watch television series and film that deal with the global... View »

Congrats to Undergraduates who are presenting their research at the 20th and 21st Century French and Francophone Studies International Colloquium

We want to recognize the undergraduates from Pitt and across the nation who are presenting their research at the ... View »

Italian Students are Recipients of Spring 2022 Honors College Fellowships

Alexandra Derubeis and Matthew Maida are recipients of University Honors College Research Fellowships for Spring 2022. Learn more >>>

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Congratulations to French Undergraduate Research Award Recipients!

We are delighted to announce our first undergraduate award recipients of the Antoni Kosinski and Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski Endowed Research Fund in French Studies (RBK Undergraduate Research Award). Let’s give it up for Danna Corsini and Regis A. Curtis!

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Congrats to Amanda Parent on Excellent Honors Thesis

Congratulations to senior French/GSWS major Amanda Parent. She defended her Honors thesis "Les négociations du travail sexuel dans les médias français contemporains" on Dec. 14 in front of her... View »

Prof. Flavia Cavaliere to teach new course as Fulbright Distinguished Lecturer

We’re delighted to welcome Prof. Flavia Cavaliere of the Università di Napoli—Federico II to the Department of French & Italian during the spring 2022 term. Prof. Cavaliere, a scholar of... View »

Ugrad Research Opportunities: Spring '22

FRIT faculty are currently inviting undergraduates interested in doing research or teaching under the mentorship of a faculty member in the following areas for spring term 2022 [and beyond]:... View »

Prof. Reeser receives Fellowship in Strasbourg

Congratulations to Dept. Chair Prof. Todd Reeser who received a USIAS fellowship at the University of Strasbourg, France, for spring term 2022.

He will be in residence in the Alsatian... View »