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Cinzia Delfini

  • Instructor of Italian

Cinzia Delfini graduated with a Master in Italian at the University of Pittsburgh in December of 2017. She previously received her degree in Russian and English Languages and Literature from the University of Verona, Italy. After moving to Pittsburgh in 2013, she decided to reinvent herself and go back to school. She is interested in the pedagogy of teaching languages and cultures through literature.

In 2022 Cinzia was invited by Dr. Alberta Gatti (The Graduate Center, CUNY) to co-direct the Training Modules for Text-based Language Teaching project, which will be conducted by the Center for Integrated Language Communities (CILC). The project will develop, pilot, and disseminate modules for instructors on how to integrate text-based activities into existing second and heritage language courses.

In addition, her interests include content-based instructional approachesespecially those centered on contemporary socio-political issues, to enhance her students’ speaking, writing and interactive skills. Furthermore, Cinzia is interested in translation studies, and she is currently working on a translation project of a young adult adaptation of Dante’s Inferno, a project which started from her graduation research.

At present she is a part-time instructor at the University of Pittsburgh and teaches Italian language at different levels.