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Elsie Campbell

(they/them, iel/lea)
  • Graduate Student - French

Elsie is a PhD student in French & Francophone literatures and languages, where they are pursuing a certificate in Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies (GSWS). Their main research interests include how queer (particularly non-binary) communities in Francophone spaces use language to reflect their identities, and the sociolinguistic and pedagogical implications of non-binary and inclusive language in foreign-language classrooms.

Elsie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Languages and Music from Allegheny College, and a Master’s degree in French and Spanish from George Mason University. They have been an Adjunct Instructor of Spanish at George Mason University, and an Adjunct Instructor of French at the University of Pittsburgh.

Elsie grew up in France, and continued to learn languages in immersion programs, study abroad semesters, and fascinating courses through graduate school. They have worked with multilingual students in elementary schools, immersion academies, tutoring programs, and in university courses. Elsie also speaks German, and has an ever-growing “languages to learn” list.