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Flavia Cavaliere

  • Distinguished Italian Fulbright Chair

Flavia Cavaliere is Associate Professor of English Language and Linguistics at the University of Naples Federico II and has been certified for Full Professorship. Her research interests lie within the fields of Translation Studies (mainly Audio-Visual Translation), Cross-cultural Communication, Multimodality and Critical Discourse Analysis. More specifically, within a Cultural Linguistics approach, her interests focus on new approaches and insights in interpreting (multimodal) texts which build up on intercultural and intracultural competence. She has published extensively on the relation between language and culture in order to investigate to what extent the places where target audiences live, the cultural semiosphere they belong to, and their socio-linguistic identity can influence--or even alter--the perception of culture-related issues of the source text. Her most recent volumes include: Thought for Food (2019), Euromosaic, a still open challenge (2019), Translation and Migration-- Narratives of a Transition (2017), Mediterranean Heritage in Transit: (Mis)representations via English (2016 with L. Abbamonte), and The Shaping of the News (2012).

Thought for Food offers clues for the investigation of how people(s) and/or individuals negotiate their identity (or identities) and the way(s) in which they can be perceived by others through the semiotic and symbolic power of food discourse, while in Mediterranean Heritage in Transit aspects and (mis)representations of Mediterranean cultures are investigated from a variety of MCDA approaches. Translation and Migration tackles how the multi-layered meanings and steps of migration as a process are compared to translation itself, and The Shaping of the News provides significant evidence for the power of language in “the social construction of reality” through a critical investigation of the treatment of the H1N1 virus outbreak by the press. In spring term 2022, she is in residence at Pitt as the Fulbright Distinguished Chair.