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Hamid Alawadhi

  • Instructor of French

Hamid Alawadhi holds a Ph.D. in Linguistics and Translation Studies from the Sorbonne (Paris), and a master’s degree in translation and lexicography from the same university. He has an Advanced Diploma in Arabic Lexicography and a BA in Arabic Language and Literature from the University of Tunis, Tunisia. He is the author, translator, editor, or compiler of more than twelve books, and numerous multidisciplinary articles and publications--including La difficulté en Traduction : Une approche théorique et pratique (Presse de l’Université de Lille, 2001), the translation of Fonction de la traduction en Didactique des langues (by Elisabeth Lavault, 2003), and many others.

In addition to his lengthy career in academia, as professor of French, Arabic, Linguistics, Translation Studies, and Culture, he had a diplomatic career. He served as an Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Yemen to UNESCO for five years.

He is currently interested in Second Language Acquisition (SLA) and the creation of digital Open Educational Resources (OER) for learners of both French and Arabic. While he continues his work in Linguistics, Translation, Terminology, and Lexicography, his research explores articulations between language, culture, and religion from transdisciplinary perspectives. He teaches elementary language in the French program.