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Nawel Cotez

  • Graduate Student - French

Nawel is a PhD candidate in the French department. Her dissertation ‘Blue Privilege: Navigation, Mobility, and Relationality in Early Modern French Waterscapes’ focuses on reading water spaces in early modern French literary and cartographic environments. Originally from France, Nawel obtained a Licence or Bachelor’s degree in British and American history and literature at Paris Nanterre University. As a minor, Nawel studied pedagogy. Her interest in education led her to work at UNESCO’s Higher Education Sector for a year. Nawel also worked as an English high school teacher in the Paris region for two years. 

Nawel hosts ‘The Prequels by Nawel Cotez’ podcast where she interviews fellow graduate students on  the fun (but intense!) life of a scholar  in training. Listen to the Nawel Cotez podcast here: