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2022 Golden Lotus Award recipient: Keira Wood

We are delighted to announce this year’s Golden Lotus Award recipient, Keira Wood. Keira defines excellence in languages: she’s a major in French and Linguistics, with minors in Chinese and Quechua. Keira’s linguistic engagements demonstrate the power of French studies in a global context; her intellectual curiosity and generous presence across our seminars and classes model the kind of humanities we aspire to do. From a creative experimental piece combining French, Chinese and music, to her translation of excerpts from French contemporary fiction into English, to her insightful transmedial analysis of bande dessinée and filmic adaptations of a classical French 17th-century novel, Keira’s work in French inhabits intersections and enlivens connections. We are honored to recognize Keira for the curiosity, creativity, and communication skills she has brought to French and look forward to the work and worlds she will create beyond Pitt.